Services We Provide

Wellness Exams and Care

 This includes vaccination, deworming and nutrition. The goals of wellness visits are to keep your horse in top performing condition and avoid common, preventable illnesses. We will help you design a nutrition, vaccination and deworming plan specifically for your horse’s needs that centers around their breed, activity level and discipline.

Lameness Evaluation

 Providing the most up-to-date diagnostics using the latest technology to pinpoint lameness or poor performance in your horse. This involves a complete exam as well as diagnostic nerve and joint blocks.

Digital Radiography

 Offering the latest technology, digital x-rays allow high magnification of images and much greater detail, far superior to traditional x-rays. This allows us to detect small problems earlier, begin treatment sooner and get your horse back on track as quickly as possible.

Digital Ultrasonography

 Used to diagnose various medical conditions, in virtually every organ system, including joints, tendons, ligaments as well as evaluating other organs, masses and swellings. This modality is used both in the clinic and in the field.. 

Video Endoscopy

 Endoscopy is often used to view and treat various disorders in body cavities including the uterus, oral cavity and upper respiratory problems of the nasal passages, pharynx, trachea and guttural pouches. 


 In order to meet the needs of a growing equine community, we have a complete array of services for both the mare and the stallion. We utilize advanced techniques in the evaluation and treatment of the infertile mare, the infertile stallion and the problem foaling mare. 

Prepurchase Exam

 A prepurchase exam is a veterinary health evaluation to determine the usefulness of a particular horse for a particular discipline at a specific activity level. The information obtained during the examination is summarized and documented. If you are at all concerned about a horse’s health or soundness, you should have a thorough prepurchase exam performed, especially if you are an inexperienced buyer, or if distance and scheduling has kept you from personally evaluating the horse.  The information gathered from the examination can also be used to complete an interstate or international health certificate and insurance exam, if necessary.


 Prevention of disease is far better than treatment, and this is not demonstrated anywhere any better than the oral cavity. Poor dental health can lead to many other systemic disorders affecting other organ systems within the horse like poor body condition, poor hair coat, colic, choke, bit and performance problems. We employ the most advanced procedures and improved dental techniques to offer a full spectrum of prophylactic and therapeutic dental care. 

Emergency Services

 Emergencies never happen at convenient times.We offer a 24 hour ambulatory emergency service so you can receive prompt treatment when needed.