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Digital Radiography

We offer Digital Radiographic services that better enhance our ability to identify and treat lameness and other medical conditions. Digital Radiography is a better and more cost effective solution for owners and trainers with far better diagnostic capabilities. With this modality the images can be copied on to a CD or sent to anyone in the world via the internet.

The typical radiographic study is 4-5 views depending on the anatomic structure being imaged and each different structure would require its own particular views, for example if both a fetlock and carpus are involved in the lameness, then two series of images would be taken for a total of 8-10 separate and distinct images. Often a complete prepurchase exam or insurance exam will require as many as 32-50 separate views. We will then review, document and comment on all radiographs and provide a written radiographic evaluation and a custom CD to the owner/trainer and/or farrier.

Digital Ultrasound

Our unique Ultrasound System allows us to record the complete examination on digital video media for an in depth review and technical examination. Our customized Terason software is used to perform measurements on normal or abnormal structures such as internal organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, vesicles and follicles. We utilize special Doppler driven software for fluid movement and blood flow analysis. We also employ the use state of the art 3-D software that allows us to take apart any image, spin it on it's axis in any direction and reconstruct it such that the new image gives a much better representation of the depth and extent of the area in question, which in turn leads to a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis.
  Clients also receive a written report, a printed image and a DVD.

Ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis has become the gold standard for confirmation of pregnancy in the mare. Our exams are all recorded as a digital record and the client receives a DVD or a printed copy of the exam. If the pregnancy is far enough advanced we can use Doppler Imaging to locate the heart-beat of the foal. 

Video Endoscopy and Gastroscopy

Many areas of the horse are poorly visualized by conventional means, so in order to visualize certain structures and complex systems, such as the stomach, throat and upper lung segment, endoscopy has become the standard in equine medicine. Utilizing video endoscopy, we can perform a more complete and detailed endoscopic examination of the horse. All exams are recorded to digital video media and are made available to clients on a printable copy and a DVD.  If  present the client can watch the entire exam on the screen.

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